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Press Release

Centre for Science and Environment’s reaction to the Union Budget 2018-19

A very important Budget, with clear intent. 

Recognises India’s acute agricultural crisis for the first time.

CSE welcomes Punjab government’s ban on sale of toxic pesticides

Calls for Central government to follow suit in the interest of public health

Solar power provides an under-exploited opportunity for Indonesia’s electricity sector, says CSE

  • Jakarta Round Table discusses a latest report by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), an environmental think tank which works in Global South. Report has been prepared in collaboration with the International Solar Alliance (ISA) 

While Delhi ramps up action to control deadly smog and also shows results, air pollution spirals out of control in other cities to become a national crisis

  • While in 2007 60per cent of cities monitored had PM10 levels officially classified as critical in this has increased to 88per cent in 2016. Cities with good air quality (50% per cent below the standards) have reduced from 13per cent in 2007 to 2per cent in 2016. 

CSE welcomes latest Supreme Court direction to environment ministry

SC asks ministry to notify comprehensive action plan for all sources of air pollution in Delhi-NCR within two weeks

New urban solid waste management initiative started - CSE launches ‘Forum of Cities that Segregate’

20 municipalities and cities, from 13 states, join the Forum. Commit to achieve 100 per cent source segregation by October 2, 2019

Healthcare, nutrition, better education and livelihood top priorities for mining affected Ramgarh, says CSE

DMF (District Mineral Foundation) Fund huge opportunity to address some of the fundamental issues faced by people in the region

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