Food safety and toxins | Centre for Science and Environment

Food safety and toxins

CSE welcomes Punjab government’s ban on sale of toxic pesticides

Calls for Central government to follow suit in the interest of public health

A collection of stories of our present, pointing to a common future we must make

Conflicts of Interest by Sunita Narain, published by Penguin India, to be released in Delhi today

‘Double standards’adopted by fast food multinational companiesin use of antibioticsin chicken production, reveals CSE’s latest assessment

Specific and time-bound commitments to eliminate antibiotic misuse in chicken supply chains made inseveral developed countries; no such steps taken inIndia

Antibiotic misuse in poultry farms leading to multi-drug resistant bacteria, says CSE’s new study

The bacteria now spreading into environment through litter from these farms – they can easily infect human beings

CSE welcomes Delhi Declaration and India’s National Action Plan (NAP) on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR )

“A big step in the right direction to increase inter-agency cooperation to tackle the public health challenge of AMR,” says CSE

Antibiotics in fishes

Use of antibiotics is strongly linked with antibiotic resistance. Just like in humans, antibiotic overuse and misuse in rearing food animals such as chicken, fish, dairy and pigs is known to cause emergence and spread of resistance. Besides food and direct contact, waste from such animal and aquaculture farms carrying antibiotic residues and resistant bacteria spreads resistance to larger environment and affects human health. 



International Workshop on National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance for developing countries

The Food Safety and Toxins Team at the Centre for Science and Environment organized a two-day International workshop to address animal and environmental aspects of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in the National Action Plans of developing countries. The workshop was held in New Delhi, during Nov 10−11, 2016. 


India’s biggest online interactive tool on food and diet launched

‘KNOW YOUR DIET’, designed by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), will allow people to know about their food and dietary habits

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