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Training Programme on Urban Rainwater Harvesting System at Kigali, Rwanda


Date:  23-25 January 2018
Venue: Marasa Umubano Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda
Language: English

Rwanda is blessed with two rainfall seasons and has high rainwater harvesting (RWH) potential with rainfall average of 1400 m and variation from about 700 mm to 2000 mm. However on another hand, Rwanda is among the countries having the lowest per capita water availability and storage capacity in Africa. Besides inadequate per-capita availability, there is an issue of urban floods in cities of Rwanda. 

To address the above challenges in Rwanda, rainwater harvesting has been identified among other positive practices of Integrated Water Resources Management, contributing towards improving water availability, and mitigating the flood hazards. Depending on the location and the availability of alternative water resources, RWH becomes the sustainable option locally available.

It is in the above context that Center for Science and Environment (CSE), India and Water Aid Rwanda have come together to jointly organizing a 3 day training programme for capacity building of practitioners, academicians and government officials from Rwanda on Rainwater Harvesting System.  

CSEAbout the Training

The aim of the training programme is to develop a cadre of practitioners with knowledge, skills and attitude for mainstreaming sustainable and affordable rainwater harvesting (RWH) in Rwanda.


  • To provide knowledge, skill development and attitude change of participants towards sustainable and affordable rainwater harvesting (RWH) in Rwanda.

  • To capacitate participants for planning, designing and implementing low cost RWH systems.

  • To build south-south network of practitioners (state/non-state) for mainstreaming sustainable water management practices.

This three day training programme will focus on urban RWH and the potential it holds in augmentation of water availability by using public spaces to recharge their groundwater or store and reuse the rainwater. The training will also showcase examples to bring in required laws to enable individuals to undertake RWH. The participants will get the opportunity to plan and design a RWH system and also learn about best management practices from South Asian and African countries as well as emerging concepts like water sensitive urban design and planning. The training will impart skills on planning and designing both recharge and storage structures, techno-economic feasibility, operation and maintenance etc. 

Training Methodology

The training will be conducted by state of the art teaching - learning tools consisting of interactive sessions, experiential learning using detailed case studies and group exercises on planning and designing of decentralized water management options at various scales. 
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Training Programme on Mainstreaming Sustainable Urban Water Management: September 13 - 16, 2016

Training on Urban Rainwater Harvesting:  29th June 2015

Registration: By invitation from Water Aid Rwanda.

Local contact (Rwanda):-

Jean Lambert Sebareze,
Head of Programmes -WaterAid Rwanda
Mobile: +250788388780
Landline: +250 252 579 650

Fiona Uwera Mugabe
Head of Policy Research & Advocacy, WaterAid Rwanda
Mobile: +250 787 552 488  

India contact:-
Dr. MahreenMatto (Coordinator)
Programme Manager 
CSE, India
Phone: +91-11-40616000, +91-11-40616000 (Ext:257)

For more information on the training programme kindly contact:
Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla 
Programme Director
CSE, India

Maurice Kwizera
Country Director,WaterAid Rwanda
Mobile: +250788308115



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