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The Green Building Water Management (GBWM) component focuses on water efficiency and conservation in buildings at the city level.  GBWM has a unified focus on promoting green buildings by undertaking a series of committed activities through research, policy advocacy, awareness and capacity building etc.

Green CSE

In 1994 CSE moved to its new home in the Tughlakabad Institutional Area. The building was designed by the renowned Ahmedabad-based architects, Radhika Doshi Katpalia and B V Doshi and the five-storied structure is spread over 1000 sq/m.

Roadmap for Rating System for Water Efficient Fixtures: A Way to Sustainable Water Management in India

CSE has developed a"Roadmap for Rating System for Water Efficient Fixtures: A Way to Sustainable Water Management in India" as deliverable of Centre of Excellence under the Ministry of Urban Development. This document includes, background of the preparation of roadmap including the draft framework proposed  for introduction of rating system for water efficient fixtures in India. The document intends to facilitate  understanding on the existing legal and institutional options available for mainstreaming the rating system.


In 2010 CSE undertook a water audit for its office building, essentially aimed at further improving water efficiency and conserving every drop of water wherever possible. Although CSE has taken several efforts to reduce and reuse water over the years, but the building water audit was able to site specific areas where water efficiency can be further increased.


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GURUGRAM: Exclusively on the lines of its vision - to serve the society with an equal emphasis on quality and environment, an IFFCO project has been awarded the highest prestigious Platinum Rating certificate

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